$ cat null_ring.txt

Welcome to the Null Webring, a webring originally started by a group of students in Canada. Here you will find websites that we think are cool and of course our personal websites.

The following are all the websites in the ring:

What Is a Webring?

A webring is a set of websites that are joined together in a loop. At the bottom of each website or in a section dedicated to webrings, you will find a link to the next website in the loop, the previous website in the loop, and a link to this page. Navigating to the next website will eventually take you to the beginning of the loop.


This website exists as a branch of the Null Identity. Here, we praise our lord and savior Francois and turn everyone into PSIIans.


In order to add your site to the webring, you must send me a name (doesn't have to be real) and website at preston@nullring.xyz. You will then be linked in by me and the previous newest member if accepted. I will also send you the html that is needed for your website to be linked in. Note that after you are linked in, you will need to change your website one more time after someone new joins and then never again because you are never the newest member after someone else joins.

I may automate this process but currently it is easy to manage with this system. For further questions you can contact me by any of these methods.


We have a small community on both irc and discord:


To help keep the null webring running, please donate to the following cryptocurrency address:

Thanks for your support!